Medical Qi Gong focuses on reuniting your body, mind and spirit and showing you how to live your life as a whole complete person.

This system is about healing and returning balance to the body. I believe balance represents what people are searching for in many aspects of life. Wouldn't you enjoy a sense of balance in regard to your health, relationships, finances, career or spirituality? My role as a practitioner is to help you in this process and I am committed to helping you realize your goals in all aspects of your life.

What you can expect in a session:
Through rigorous personal development and daily ongoing Qigong practice, I can sense, manipulate and emit Qi into another person in order to balance energetic disharmonies that cause disease. Treatments consist of a series of Qi emissions from myself to a patient, allowing healing to occur at the root level of the issue. Qigong homework is also given to each patient to do in between sessions to further facilitate the healing process.

It is through this ancient healing tradition that you become more aware of the energy that moves and circulates throughout your body. As your awareness grows, you notice the affect of movement and interactions of energies in your home, work and other activities.

By knowing and identifying the things in your life that keep you from experiencing abundant health and happiness, you are able to change the underlying cause, not just the symptom. This is where healing begins.